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Aloe Hand Soap


For clean, soft and moisturizing hands

Liquid soap in a handy pump bottle with cleansing substances extracted from natural sources, extract of cucumber, olive oil and lemon oil, etc. - Based on Aloe vera, of course. Aloe Hand Soap is a delicious hand soap beyond the usual.

To whom?

This product is for everyone, also for people with delicate skin. The Aloe Hand Soap is mild enough for everyday use and has a light, fresh scent that is appreciated by the very best. 

Mild and caring ingredients

We wash hands several times a day. Therefore, it is important that the soap does not dry out the skin, but cleans carefully, cares and helps the skin to maintain moisture. Our own Aloe vera, with its skin care properties, is the perfect foundation for Aloe Hand Soap.

For clean and soft hands

Add cleaning agents extracted from natural sources (eg coconut) softening olive oil, skin care cucumber and lemon oil and protective glycerin - so you'll get a handsome hand soap beyond the usual. Lovely light and fresh scent.

Everyday Luxury

Aloe Hand Soap is very dry in use and mild enough to be used every day, also by people with delicate skin. It gives a nice foam and makes the skin feel clean, soft and silky smooth. Aloe Hand Soap is in a practical and hygienic pump bottle.

Ref. no.: 523
Volume: 473 ml

177 kr

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