Do you have trouble ordering our products and complete the payment ?

Please follow the pictures:

1 - After you put one or more items in the basket, you need to test the '' Checkout ''.

2 - Afterwards test your information and with '' Use the shipping address as the billing address. ''.

3 - When you arrive at the next step called '' Shipping '', choose one of the shipping companies by clicking on the dot.

4 - When you arrive at the next step called '' Payment '', select the payment method by pressing '' BUY ''

5 - When you arrive at the payment, select the payment method you want to test inside.

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6 - If you want to change your payment method, for example .: MobilePay, PAII or ViaBill, click on '' Font your payment method ''
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If you have any questions or if you still have problems with the order, please contact us.