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Forever™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil


Silkeglat carrier oil for our essential oils

The carrier oil for your favorite oil among our essential oils consists of our own blend of Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and natural skin care oils. Fragrance free to let the essential oils come to their right.

To whom?

This product is for anyone who likes essential oils and would like to apply them to the skin.

For massage and tub

Essential oils are too strong to be used directly on the skin. Therefore, we have developed Forever ™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil. This carrier oil is easily mixed with your Forever ™ Essential Oils favorite for a wonderful massage experience or a nice bath. Forever ™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil has a light and smooth texture that gives a silky smooth feel to the skin.

Skin Care

Forever ™ Essential Oils Carrier Oil contains an exquisite combination of skin care products. Not least our own Aloe vera, which has just been selected for its softening and moisturizing properties. Contains apricot kernel oil as well as oils from canine, sesame and soya, which also help to make the skin soft and slippery. Squalan helps to regain the skin, and bisabolol (the active ingredient in chamomile) both cares and soothes the skin. For added care properties, we also added the skin-care vitamins A, C and E.

Art. no.: 505
Volume: 118 ml

234 kr