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Forever™ Essential Oils Lavender


Provides peace and relaxation

Essential oil with a wonderful scent of lavender. The aroma starts fresh with a fruit and herb powder, and then follows a softer, classic floral and bittersweet note.

To whom?

Scents affect us all, and by choosing fragrance for taste and pleasure you can decide how. Lavender seems calming and relaxing - a fragrance that is popular with most people and is especially suitable when you need a little relaxation.

Essential oil

Many plants produce fragrant essences that can be extracted from different parts of bushes and trees. These essences have a natural function, for example, to attract important insects for pollination. Essential oils are just these essences in highly concentrated form with strong aroma. Due to the concentrated form, the oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil if they are to be applied to the skin, for example, for massage or in the bathtub.

Enchanting lavender

Forever ™ Essential Oils Lavender is derived from lavender cultivated in Bulgaria due to perfect climate and soil conditions. Contains high levels of linalyl acetate that gives the lavender its fruity, sweet aroma. The use of lavender can be traced back in time to ancient, Roman and Greek texts and to the Bible, where the plant together with aloe vera, spices and herbs were used to prepare temples for religious ceremonies. Ever since then, lavender has continued its victory over the world.

Calming and relaxing

Lavender is a versatile scent that is suitable in almost all contexts - it is very popular and tolerated by most. It is, for example, one of the few flower dyes that men like. Good for tired body massage, for tired feet - and much more ...

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the doctrine of ancient traditions, where essential oils are used to increase our well-being. For example, the essential oils can be used for massage, in the bathtub and as air freshener.

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Volume: 15 ml 

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