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Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate - 15 Serving Pouch


Forever Ultra - a delicious shake with full dignity soy protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Maximum nutrition and minimal calories makes that it fits well as both meal replacement at weight control, as a snack, as a protein supplement after exercise or when you simply want something good. They may be mixed with semi-skimmed milk (or water). Choose between two great flavors: vanilla or chocolate.

Forever Ultra can replace up to two meals per. day. It works very well as breakfast, lunch, dinner and / or dinner. You can also use the Ultra as a snack. A portion Forever Ultra contains only about 200 kcal, but the high protein content makes it gives a good feeling of satiety. Thanks to the protein content orcs can train while you are replacing meals with Ultra. The protein also makes it easier for you to keep your muscle mass.

Art. no.: 471
Volume: 405 g

286 kr

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